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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Food Photography and Pain 17/365

Jan 17, 2017

Food Photography and Pain

I love those little peppers:)

Ah food photography, the one thing I see all over IG and FB, but yet is a fairly unexplored genre for me.  Sure I've done some work in the past for clients, but this year I'm going to try and get into it a bit more.  I don't think the above picture shows it, but I would like to try and take my flashes and have it mimic natural light in various settings.  My house doesn't allow for the best natural light so all the better use the Einsteins out the studio and on location.  Hmmm, food. 

But what about the pain?

From yesterday

From yesterday

I almost thought about using this shot for today's picture, but each shot shown as the header has to be shot the same day, otherwise its not true 365 is it?  Well, about 3 oclock or so I wanted to mess around and do something green and yellow, fine tune some shots before I take them. Now my knife skills in the kitchen are on point, but I thought "what the hey" I'll bust out the mandolin and get some perfect slices.  Then WHAM, (Im an idiot and wasn't using the guard) the top of my ring finger on my right hand (middle knuckle) decided it wanted to join the party.  Two and a half hours at the ER and I thought this would make an awesome pic.  I had the forethought to put them in the fridge before heading out the door. 

Now I've had alot of injuries in my day, but I also have an enormous shoot coming up this weekend, plus being the stay at home parent for Myrt during the day, today has proved to be extra challenging.  Try doing certain things with just your left or non dominant hand.  Plus my normally quick typing has slowed to a crawl as I sit here and peck at the keyboard:)  For the lemon/lime shot I set the timer on the camera, focused and switched over to my left hand and held it.  For the cover photo, in came the tripod.

So in conclusion, get out there and change up your shooting genre, try different techniques, use a guard on the mandolin, or throw it in the trash and use a sharp knife instead.  Stay tuned, because tomorrows shot is gonna be sweet.

I liked the straight food one without the hand in it a bit better.  Peppers were chopped with a knife today!

I liked the straight food one without the hand in it a bit better.  Peppers were chopped with a knife today!


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