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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Nuks 27/365

Jan 27, 2017


Picked up some new Nuks for Myrtle.

Don't leave home without them, but they may not always make it home.  Nuks.  A toddlers BFF.  Couldnt find the standalone Nuks always likes so picked up a couple more.  She has a slew of the animal attached Nuks, but the pink ones are harder and a bit thicker.  There is a difference....lol.

Just a 3 light setup, 2 on the sides and a gelled background light.


The Tamron 70-300 VC is a beast!  Throughout the year I think it's absolutely essential to show what a range of different lenses are like.  This guy isn't used as much as I'd like, so tonight I thought I'd show it a little love.  It's no Nikon 70-200 VRII, but the stabilization on it is top notch when shooting out in the field.

But, in more exciting news!  The wife and I had our second ultrasound for the baby and I'm so pleased that everything so far is awesome.  "Everything is awesome" ....  We have a little bit yet to find out the sex, but the baby is growing and has 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head, not much more you can ask for at this point:)



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