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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Jewelry and Cheap Macro 42/365

Feb 11, 2017

Jewelry and Cheap Macro

After a long day of nursing myself back to health, it was a long night of Bday celebrations, I finally was able to revisit a proof of concept shot I did the other night.

Jewelry photography is something I have done very little in the studio setting.  I did it a ton shooting weddings, but today lets explore a different technique. 

shot at around midnight the other night (yes I know its horribly dirty)

shot at around midnight the other night (yes I know its horribly dirty)

The 2 pictures above aren't crops but the full frame of a tiny necklace.  Now to get nice and close on the cheap, I used a Rokinon manual 85mm 1.4 lens and all 3 macro tube extenders attached.  The 36mm, 20mm and 12mm.

The Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 is around $280 and MAN is it a nice portrait lens.  It is manual focus only, but very good results.  This isn't as budget friendly as the cheap Nikkor from a couple weeks ago, but I like to experiment with different solutions and lens combos. 

The DOF with this setup is RAZOR thin, thus referring back to the post on stacking, I used a 15 stack series of images to accomplish the result.  Once all stacked, the hard part began with the post process.  Prior to starting I took some advice this time and used some canned air to blow off what dust I could and a lens cloth to clear up the smudges on the front gem.

What's nice about doing it this way, albeit way more time consuming, is that this is the full image, the cropping you can do is amazing.  The print potential if needed is so much greater than shooting and cropping it way down.

crop of the final image

crop of the final image

After cleaning up the random artifacts and remaining dust, I'd say this is a pretty good attempt for the first time shooting jewelry.  I plan on refining and modifying the lighting to make it look amazing.  Cones are one thing to look into and spread the light evenly around an object.

Half way through the editing process though, the wife called me upstairs to do some painting with Myrt:)  So here are some images from that set as well:)

Tomorrow we celebrate my wife's (Amanda) birthday so it will be another fun filled day!


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