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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Rimlighting 46/365

Feb 15, 2017


Inspired by some recent rimlit shots I've seen on IG, I busted out the Nikon D600 and 70-200 VRII combo to give it a go.  These are probably the 2 least used things lately in the studio so all day I sat around shooting with it.  Fell in love all over again with the D600.  Sure, it's no D810, and I've had my fair share of strife with the oil/sensor problem, but those have been cleared up.  And, let me tell you, it's still an all around amazing camera. 

Now I still want to perfect some things with the rimlight, so tomorrow I plan on diving in deeper with and trying a couple different methods out, so till then I leave you with the shots from this afternoon.  BTS, settings, methods and more tomorrow:)

Looking mischievous eyeballing over the gate:)

Looking mischievous eyeballing over the gate:)

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