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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

RICH | Henry 33/365

Feb 2, 2017

RICH | Henry

As much as I wanted to get away from shooting ejuice this year, it always comes back...LOL

Oh well, I still really enjoy it, received this bottle today as a much larger project I have coming up with this week, It's funny because it shares the same name as one of my mentors in wedding photography. 

BTS tonight is the same 4 light set up with a 20' brown grid on the wall at 1/64th power and the side lights at 1/32nd power.  Overhead I've got the 10' grid to light the label at 1/8th power.

Went with the 70-300 Tamron tonight.  Wanted to really flatten out the bottle a bit.  I'm liking shooting products with it, but the 5ft focusing distance is a pain. 

Well the groundhog I guess saw his shadow, no big deal, I haven't seen much a winter here in Jan, so I can't imagine the rest of the year will be that bad.  YAY.   Well, time to get packed up for another 3 day drill weekend this month, AT is right around the corner next month, so I'm thinking making March a street photography month.  I will be out of the studio (and out of the country for March, so some travel shots will have to do:)


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