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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Turkey Dinner 56/365

Feb 24, 2017

Turkey Dinner

Not actually sure if it's a turkey or a chicken leg.  I think I'll go with turkey.

Let's go into a bit more on underlighting......  You have to take into account the translucence of the object your shooting.  The bottom light isn't always going to be the same power as the last time you shot it depending on the object your currently shooting.  I enjoy shooting this way to get a pretty solid white background without much photoshopping.  

here is the SOOC

here is the SOOC

I'll then apply the desired crop in LR and export into PS.

Create a new adjustment layer and select curves

Slide the top of the curve over just a tad to the left.  We want the background to go white, but still retain the color of what we shot. 

It may be hard to tell if everything is pure white, so click on the eyedropper tool and while holding ALT drag your cursor around the image, you should see if anything is not absolute white in the color picker box.

In my experience doing this technique to make a pure white (or pure black) background in PS and THEN re-importing back into LR is way better than using the exposure brush directly in LR.  Certainly you can, but upon exporting of the image often times LR will make the blacks all blotchy and pixelated.  This shows up extremely bad on certain monitors and with even further Facebook compression it will exasperate the problem more.  The picture could look awesome on your phone but you never know what kind of monitor your client is viewing your work on.

Today is also National Tortilla day!  I will leave you with my horrendous shot that didn't quite work out.

I hated the way the salsa turned out and by that point I scrapped the idea.

I hated the way the salsa turned out and by that point I scrapped the idea.

Cheers, now go take those Tostito restaurant style chips, add warmed up refried beans ( a thin layer onto each chip ) apply shredded cheese, place onto a sheet pan and into the oven for 10min or until cheese is melted nice and good.  ALWAYS shred your own cheese, never use pre-shredded for melting.  Take out of oven and add desired toppings, BOOM ...TGIF style nachos.


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