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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Packing 35/365

Feb 4, 2017


64th Troop Command

Spent most of the night at a laundry mat after drill tonight.  Received a "new to me" ruck sack after 2+ years of not having one, and man it was in need of some TLC.  Also, after the past 2 deployments and a couple years in a basement, my sleep system (sleeping bag) also needed some TLC.  Now in the past, my past apt's had the old school type washer to be able to handle larger loads; not so much after having to purchase our own W+D units.  The ones I purchased I feel just weren't up to the job.....so in comes industrial 7 load/ $7 dollar washers! 

Now, also today I wanted to spend some time with one of the WORST lenses I own, the 15mm (30mm equiv) Micro 4/3 bodycap lens by Olympus.  I thought I could maayybe work some magic, but NOPE, its a bodycap that happens to have a somewhat lens built in.

Good 'ol OMD-EM5

Good 'ol OMD-EM5

sooo tiny:)

sooo tiny:)

Well the "lens" itself is a constant f/8, 15mm (30mm equiv), manual-ish focus.  It has a slider for near/sorta infinity/infinity.  They work well enough but can be difficult to actually nail focus.

Here are a couple shots.....

Now here are some S6 edge+

I think the Samsung S6 edge + clearly beats out the bodycap lens:) Oh well, the cap is still a novelty and a conversation starter.  I managed to get all my stuff clean, now it's time to stuff it in a bag and wait for AT in a month:)

Oh, also forgot, the cover image was using the same under-lighting technique as found here.



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