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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Ink on Black V.2 (Superbowl) 36/365

Feb 5, 2017

Ink on Black V.2 (Superbowl)

I wanted to revisit the ink shoots but on a black background this time.  After finishing a 14 hour day at drill, and Superbowl festivities, around halftime I finally gave it a go again.

Patriots win it in OT (WTF)


A little bit different than the setup from last time, only used 2 lights this time.  A stripbox on the right and a 20' gridded light on the back left.  Kept them both at 1/16th power and moved the camera significantly closer this time.  The one down side is I overlooked the bubbles on the inside of the tank which required extensive editing.  Also know, the DOF is reduced the closer the camera is to the subject.  It makes gauging the focus of the full ploom a bit different.

slightly out of focus and red is a difficult color to process into

slightly out of focus and red is a difficult color to process into

I'm still using the original inks from the first go around, so lime greenish was the original color.  Processing it into different shades was sorta hit or miss tonight.  Here is a SOOC

About halfway into the ploom, I adjusted the f-stop from f/18 to f/29,  I found the early plooms (like the one above) to be a bit overexposed and wanted to bring it down a bunch.

Well, I missed the halftime show, but I guess Myrt absolutely loved it and was dancing up a storm:)  The game itself was OK, but strangely, after watching the Falcons hand Green Bay their ass, I still wanted them to win.  Their lead was phenomenal, but they still couldn't pull it off in OT.  Dang.

Oh well.  Too bad the Pack wasn't there. 


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