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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Walsh's 62/365

Mar 2, 2017


Good 'ol Walsh's.  Owned by local businessman Sonny who always enthusiastically greets me with a "what's up dood" in his thick indian accent.  Always makes me chuckle.  I had full intentions on going outside shooting, but after stopping for some juice for the pregnant wife I took only this one.  But it serves tonight as a quick LR (Lightroom) tip.

All too often I see amazing shots, perfect exposure, amazing colors, interesting subject, good framing THEN BAM the whole horizon or building or whatever is cock-eyed 10-20' to the side.  GAAHHHHH this is such an easy fix!

NIKON D810 | ISO 160 | 35mm (Sigma Art) | f/16 | 8 seconds



BOOM straight

BOOM straight

Other than that, shooting in 20 degree weather kinda sucks.  I would LOVE to go on an epic Antarctic adventure, or trekking through Iceland, but I certainly dont have the gear or the love of the cold to do that. HA one day.

So we sat around inside watching the Trolls movie looking forward to warmer days.

Buscemi however was having none of it and decided a shoe made for the perfect pillow for his gigantic head.


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