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This blog will be in no particular order, just a place to post non portfolio images and associated stories as I travel throughout my career as a visual artist. 

Korea AT 2017 PT.3 The work week 1

Korea AT 2017 PT.3 The work week 1

My new home for the first week.

My new home for the first week.

Early on the 3rd day I was transported (along with 4 others of my group) to a base about 45 min north of Camp Carroll, Camp Henry.  I guess our skills were needed elsewhere so Camp Henry it is then.  The exercise we were all apart of is Key Resolve 2017.  Basically a wargaming what ours and the Koreans actions would be if/when nK decides to invade or cause more shenanigans.  Isolated on all sides, S. Korea is in a particularly tough situation in what to todo with the noncomabatants.  The exercise itself is split into 2 weeks, where the first week is the first week of an invasion, then the roles switch the second week and that part is more of the counter offense operations.  Initially the US needs to evacuate all of our nonessential personal out of the country.  I.E. civilian workers, families of soldiers, DOD personnel,  diplomats and the likes.  All said, the number is astronomical in scope. 

In the guard I work as the 64th TC S6 (communications) NCOIC.  Here at Camp Henry I filled a similar role, although more of the division level than the brigade level.  I stayed out of the wargaming and worked in a real world helpdesk type setting.  Our team there made sure the phones, networks, user accounts, and printers all stayed operational for massive team working the exercise.  

Anyone familiar with commo in the army world, once everything is humming along the workload dries up.  Oh well.  I got to interact with 2 ROK army commo guys (KATUSA's) that were integrated in our group for the day shift.  Here I worked 7am - 7pm, however most days I would be up by 4:45am and in bed well after 8ish. 

The bunker we worked in was a secret environment, meaning no phones, cameras, electronics of any kind...etc...  So the pics during the week consisted of just a couple around the base.

The large building you see on the righthand side of the picture was the barracks at Camp Henry.  That place was packed.  200 man open bay bunks with absolutely zero room on the inside.  When we arrived there were only top bunks left.  Oh, and the lights were kept off all the time because of everyone being on different shifts.  I was meaning to get a picture of the inside, but even with all my fancy gear I doubt it would have been able to penetrate the blackness of the room.  Ha:) 


The bases over in Korea are juxtaposed by the brilliant Korean skyline of old traditional buildins and brilliant, tall, colorful apartment buildings.  It's quite the site at night.

Apartment living is the norm there.  They are skyscrapers of people EVERYWHERE.  It's indescribable how many and how large these complexes are.

When there is no where to build but up.

At the end of the first week, it was decided that my talents were needed on night shift as the S2 (intelligence) guy.  So back to the first base I went, but before that we had a day off and another outing.  We all had the choice to go either to a Buddhist temple or the DMZ.  I chose the temple, as the DMZ was a long bus ride and a bit too pricey for me.  So in PT.4 I take a look at the temple and traditional Seomun Market.


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